About Royal Street

Winter is coming to Royal Street
 - Shoveling sidewalks on Royal Street

    Royal Street is in the city of Boston and all sidewalks should be cleared within
    3 hours of the end of the snowfall or 3 hours after sunrise if the snow fell overnight.

Snow is to be cleared for the entire width of the sidewalk, not just a narrow path down the
middle.  The city requires the path be at least 42" wide and show bare pavement.

What if you see one of the neighbors has not cleared their snow? 
  - First, try to find out why. Maybe your neighbor can't do it due to age or disability
     and needs some help.  Most people on Royal Street do clear their snow for
     every storm.  If you find there is a neighbor that needs no help and refuses
     to clear the way, alert any of the neighbors on the street with a snow-blower so
     the job can get done and report the violations to the city using the service request
     form at the city site.  The city will fine the violator to hopefully make them shovel
     next time.

What if it is city land that is not cleared, like the stairs that go up to the T from
      Lincoln Street to Cambridge Street?  Or how about the overpass, crossing the Pike?

  - Contact the city right away.  This area is in dispute between the city of Boston and
     Massachusetts DOT.  Each claims it is the other's responsibility.  Usually, it is the city
     that gives in and clears these areas, but it won't happen without neighbors submitting
     service requests.

 - Sidewalks owned by the city of Boston/or MassDOT.

 - Parking on Royal Street